How will you help save the bee?

14 May 2012

Even in the relentless May drizzle, the wildflower roof garden here at Friends of the Earth is looking spectacular. Most importantly, it’s helping protect dozens of bee species, right in the beating heart of London.

We’re asking people across Britain to help save the bee in whatever way they can – and we like to play our part too. Our rooftop hanging baskets and potted wildflowers show you can turn an urban office block into a safe haven for bees.

It’s true that Friends of the Earth is buzzing with bee experts – and we’ll soon be launching a new report all about British bees. But you don’t need to be an expert to make a big difference. Just putting up a poster of The Bee Cause could help spread the word about protecting these vital pollinators.

If you’re a gardener, good news. Helping bees can take less effort than your normal routine.

For example, leaving just a small area of grass unkempt allows wildflowers to grow, providing bees with food and shelter. And don’t worry about emptying the birdbath – bees use the rainwater that collects in it to keep their hives at the right temperature.

These are just a few simple ways to help save the bee. There are lots more in our free booklet.

But above all, we want to hear your ideas – what will you be doing this summer to help bees thrive?

Please use the comments box below to tell us.

Amy Golledge, Communications & Media team


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