Bee-autiful poppies: friends of the bees

11 June 2012

I was in the car with my Mum and Dad at the weekend when on the approach to a roundabout I noted how many poppies there were on the surrounding grassland.

My Mum agreed and said, “They’re beautiful aren’t they? There used to be loads around when we were young. Then they seemed to just disappear but I’ve really noticed them coming back recently.”

My Mum theorised that those responsible for these areas were probably using less pesticides than they used to, resulting in the return of these beautiful wildflowers.

I hope she’s right – local authorities play a really important role in helping bees with the way they manage land.

Whatever the reason, I like it, my parents liked it and most importantly the bees like it too. More please.

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Amy Golledge
Communications & Media Officer

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