Not a bon Bonn for climate

The latest climate change talks in Bonn have ended with previous agreements - like the Kyoto Protocol -  being left in a precarious position.

The US and some other developed nations, like Japan, are trying to avoid making real cuts in their emissions.

In addition, the new proposals under discussion are biased in favour of developed countries and the controversial Copenhagen Accord.

New climate proposals still unfair

New proposals for tackling climate change were presented on the last evening of the negotiations.

These sparked controversy among some countries. Not just because of what it included, but also for what's left out.

Many of the developing countries' demands aren't included.

And as a result, the proposals are unfair and biased in favour of developed nations.

The Kyoto Protocol

The discussions about the Kyoto Protocol were equally controversial.

A number of developed countries made it clear that they are trying to scrap the Kyoto Protocol targets.

This is in favour of a new voluntary system based on parts of the Copenhagen Accord.

The big picture is that some countries have effectively manoeuvred the process towards ending the Kyoto Protocol while smuggling the Copenhagen Accord in through the back door as the basis for new international climate negotiations.

Asad Rehman, Head of International Climate

The United States of America

US inflexibility is threatening vital progress in the talks.

The US is more engaged in the process now compared with the Bush years. But President Obama has still to earn his stripes on climate change.

At the moment  - their involvement is seriously weaking the final agreement because of their focus on making any action voluntary.

The price is nothing less than condemning millions of the world's poorest people to a future coping with the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change.

Kate Horner, Friends of the Earth US

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