Worried about disappearing bees? Get busy with us.

29 March 2012

What a week it’s been. We’re working very hard in the run-up to the launch of our exciting new bees campaign. Working like busy bees you might say. Let me tell you, it’s pun-tastic times at bee campaign planning meetings…

Anyway, the team thought it might be fun to put me in front of a camera and to be honest, spending some time away from my desk on our sunny office rooftop wasn’t too much of a hardship. Here’s what came out of it, a little video message from me.  

Essentially it’s a plea for your help. We’d love to get your thoughts on ways to help us save bees – insects that are so little but so important. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say so please watch my video and use the comments box below.


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