On the road

Sunday is a welcome break from the negotiations and an opportunity to spend some time outside the conference centre.

There's plenty going on. This weekend marks the halfway point in the negotiations and people from around the world will be making their voices heard about the need for strong and fair action.

In London the Campaign against Climate Change rallied thousands of people to come together outside Parliament. They are urging our international leaders to wake to the threat of global climate change and take action – and for the UK government to show leadership.

Friends of the Earth's Director Andy Atkins was among the speakers addressing the crowd.

Here in Mexico, hundreds of people from communities already feeling the impacts of climate change have been travelling overland during the last few days to add their voices.

Convoys organised by peasant-farmer movement La Via Campesina began arriving yesterday evening. Up to 3,000 people are expected, including a convoy of hundreds of farmers from Chiapas organised by Friends of the Earth Mexico.

The day's centerpiece is a big march through the centre of town.

Our activists have also worked hard to make sure everything's ready for an alternative to the international climate negotiations in Cancun, the Climate Dialogue summit. Friends of the Earth has organised a special campsite for those who have made the long slog by road to be here.

The idea – through a variety of talks and workshops – is to strengthen the resolve of people already affected by climate change in calling for action to tackle it.

Friends of the Earth's unique international network means we're connected to people dealing directly with the effects of climate change. We work with them to make sure the best ways of tackling the problem are passed directly to negotiators.

This weekend, the usual hordes of American and European tourists descending on Cancun in search of winter sun will be joined by thousands of others with a more serious matter on their minds.

And these people are determined that negotiators hear their call loud and clear.

Henry Rummins is a communications and media officer at Friends of the Earth. He's reporting from the climate talks in Cancun as part of the Friends of the Earth International delegation.