Christmas gifts all sewn up

Amelia Collins

03 December 2012

I used to leave Christmas shopping until Christmas eve. That was until this year when I acquired god-children numbers 7 and 8 and niece number 4. They do all have names I promise and I can just about remember them all.

I decided I would have to plan ahead. I’ve made a few dresses before, and they’re reasonably cheap and quick to make, but not great for winter. So I hit upon the idea of nightdresses for the girls and, luckily 2 of the boys live in warmer climes, so shorts were perfect for them.


 I was half way through my sewing extravaganza when I discovered the eco-friendly accessories in our Shop and found a couple of items that were just the job for my Christmas gift project.



The recycled ribbon made from old saris not only worked brilliantly on the shorts to brighten up a black belt, but it also inspired me to make some Christmas cards. The ribbon made the perfect hat and scarf for my left-over dress-material snowman - as well as excellent Christmas tree foliage. And it's great for jazzing up some tissue paper I’m reusing as gift-wrap.



I also came across these beautiful recycled glass buttons which I'd love to use in my next sewing project – any ideas anyone?

Amelia Collins, Creative Communications team

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