Climate Change Act passed

On the evening of Wednesday 26 November, 2008, the UK Big Ask campaign officially ended...

... and the Climate Change Act was passed into law.

World first

The Climate Change Act is the first national law committing to legally binding annual cuts in greenhouse gases.

It should make sure the UK plays its part in keeping global temperatures below danger levels.

And it could put Britain at the forefront of international efforts to tackle climate change.

Energy Act

Another vital new law – The Energy Act – also received Royal Assent.

This new law includes commitments to bring in Feed-in Tariffs – boosts to renewable energy that could see you getting paid for the energy you produce at home.

Both of these fantastic victories are the result of an awesome show of people power.

It’s people like you:

  • Taking action on our websites
  • Visiting and speaking to your MP
  • Signing post cards

that have made this happen.

We now need to keep up the pressure on Government to:

  • Decarbonise the UK
    Ensure emissions reductions are made in the UK - not traded abroad
  • Set up workable Feed-in Tariffs
    Ensuring payments are high enough to make them work

But let’s pause for a second to appreciate our achievements ...

Congratulations! We did it.