Countdown to Montreal

The next UN climate meeting begins at the end of November in Montreal, Canada.

The story so far

In the run up to the meeting Friends of the Earth has been lobbying politicians in the UK and internationally - to ask them to take firm action at the meeting.

Thousands of you have shown your support for the campaign by emailing Elliot Morley, UK Minister for Climate Change, and sending us your messages for the delegates.

Messages from European citizens are show to Elliot Morley,
UK Minister for Climate Change, in Brussels. Oct 2005

Your messages

We will use all your messages to construct a huge wall - over 50 metres long and 4 metres high outside the conference venue in Montreal.

Wall of climate messages

A wall of messages outside the EU meeting
Brussels, Oct, 2005.

The wall will serve as a reminder to the delegates that the world is watching.

The lowdown

Check out the Friends of the Earth website from Nov 28th - Dec 9th for the insider story of what's going on at the climate talks.

Katie Elliot, our climate campaigner, will be reporting back in a daily diary on these pages. Whether its happening in the plenary session, in the corridors, or outside the venue - she will keep you updated.

Press for change

Join the climate march! On Saturday December 3rd - the middle weekend of the talks - there will be climate marches in London, Edinburgh and Montreal.

Also, send your message to the Canadian hosts of the meeting, in a huge coalition email action.