Soil raked, seeds sown and another wildflower meadow created

15 November 2012

It's really satisfying doing something that's both positive for your community and great for wildlife - bees in particular.

That's why in my local group - Lewisham Friends of the Earth - we jumped at the chance to create one of the first Bee Worlds.

The 60 Bee Worlds project is aimed at getting bee-friendly wildflower meadows created to tie in with The Queen's 60th Jubilee. I feel proud as punch to have played a part in it.

Lewisham Community Gardens suggested a site for us at St Mungo's homeless centre. It was great fun getting stuck into some digging and raking, and brilliant to get everyone involved.

We sowed a mix of wildflower seeds and grasses provided by Friends of the Earth, which the bees love. I can't wait to see the results once things start growing. The best part is it's simple to maintain and once it starts flowering it'll look beautiful. With the help of St Mungo's residents we've now got a bee-friendly meadow in the making.

More Bee Worlds are starting to spring up - there are loads in the pipeline across the UK. Another has already been created in Aberdeen and there are confirmed sites from South Wales to Hull, Bromley to Snowdonia, Brighton to Loughborough.

Now's the time to start looking for venues for bee worlds for spring 2013. If you fancy getting your gardening gloves out and joining the bee world buzz visit Campaign Hubs for your application pack.

Ted Burke, Activism Team


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