New Energy Secretary reconfirms Govt's clean energy commitment

The newly appointed Energy Secretary Ed Davey has shown encouraging signs of taking up the environmental mantle. 

Speaking during his first ministerial visit he said he was a ‘lifelong supporter’ of renewable energy, and that his concern for green issues made him politically active.

He dismissed a reported revolt from Conservative MPs calling on David Cameron to radically cut subsidies to onshore wind farms, and outlined his support for wind power and renewable energy.

Friends of the Earth welcomed Mr Davey’s enthusiasm and urged him to both tackle climate change and build a stronger economy.

Ed Davey’s enthusiasm for renewable energy is encouraging – he now has a crucial opportunity to build a safe and affordable future for us all

Friends of the Earth Executive Director Andy Atkins

Cleaner Energy

Friends of the Earth is calling on Mr Davey to:

  • drop the Government’s damaging appeal against a court ruling over illegal solar payment cuts
  • investigate the Big Six energy companies keeping us hooked on expensive fossil fuels
  • slash fuel bills by developing clean power we can all afford
  • stand firm against George Osborne’s anti-green agenda

Take Action

Add your name to our petition calling on the Government to investigate the Big Six energy companies keeping us hooked on fossil fuels, support solar jobs and provide clean energy that we can all afford.