Europe's 2030 climate plan is dangerously inadequate

The EU has started planning climate and energy policy until 2030.

It's likely that they will make a legally binding target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions but not for renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The EU’s own analysis shows that renewables and reducing energy use are vital to cutting emissions. Also, a report by Ecofys estimates that a 35% reduction in energy use by 2030 will save €250 billion per year.

The current plans being put forward by the EU have more holes than the proverbial leaky bucket - what we need is strong binding targets that not only stop climate pollution but create new green jobs and save us much needed cash

Asad Rehman, Climate Campaigner Friends of the Earth

This plan will keep Europe addicted to polluting fossil fuels, costing around €400 billion per year and delaying the clean energy system we urgently need.

We need binding targets

Friends of the Earth is calling for three ambitious and binding targets for 2030 to:

  • cut greenhouse gas emissions,
  • save energy and
  • develop renewable energies.

These will help to cut energy costs and create jobs, as well as being the best way to cut emissions and avoid the most devastating consequences of climate change.

Find out more in our report and letter to the energy council.

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