Government fails to protect communities from fracking

Communities sidelined - unprotected and not consulted about the threat of fracking.

Following the release of the new planning guidance on fracking it’s clear that the Government is paying little attention to communities.

The Government’s guidance has failed to:

  • Protect communities
    Despite mounting evidence on the polluting impacts of shale gas the guidance doesn’t protect communities.
  • Consult
    Its failure to consult reflects its lack of concern for what local people, local authorities and experts think.
  • Show the whole picture
    Local authorities aren't encouraged to consider the full impacts of fracking on climate change, pollution and water.

The Government has also just announced that it wants to end the practice of notifying people about onshore oil and gas drilling beneath their homes.

Please write to your MP asking them to write to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government about your concerns.

Thank you.

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