Get Johnny Borrell's playlist on fairsharemusic

Celebrity climate campaigner Johnny Borrell is supporting Friends of the Earth’s new partnership with fairsharemusic.  

The Razorlight rocker has put together an exclusive playlist for the launch of the new ethical music site. fairsharemusic gives half of its profits to charities, including Friends of the Earth.  

You pay the same for your music and we get a donation.

And, if you use the site before the end of September 2010, you’ll be in with a chance of winning an iPod Nano.   

Your first visit will be rewarded with even more funds directed our way. Friends of the Earth will get:

  • An extra 10% donation with any purchase
  • An extra 20% if you spend over £10
  • An  extra 50% when you spend over £20.

So check out Johnny’s playlist, download your favourite tunes and donate to your favourite charity today.