Crucial council climate scheme saved

Action by Friends of the Earth supporters has helped save a crucial council climate scheme from being axed.

Funding for the Local Carbon Frameworks pilot project, exploring ways for councils to lead work on cutting CO2 emissions in their area, was under threat.

But thousands of Friends of the Earth supporters wrote to Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, asking him to ensure that funding for the scheme wasn't cut.

And now the Minister has written to us acknowledging the overwhelming scale of support and confirming that the scheme will continue until April 2011.

This shows how much impact your support had.

We're delighted that the pilot scheme will run for the rest of this financial year. But the previous Government planned for the scheme to be rolled out nationwide, not to end after a year.

If we're to meet our commitments under the Climate Change Act, it's essential for support to be given to locally coordinated action to cut emissions nationwide.

Local Carbon Budgets

Friends of the Earth is calling for a nationwide system of local carbon budgets.

Local carbon budgets would drive ambitious emissions cuts by helping councils to lead effective carbon reduction strategies across their local area.

Take action

Please ask your MP to support legislation for local carbon budgets.