The Big Ask.....

Did you know that all councils in England and Wales are rewriting their local planning documents over the next year?

Well, unless you are a planner yourself, then the answer is probably no.

And for everyone, planners included, the idea of lots of documents being re-written probably doesn't fill you with excitement. (To be honest, we'd be worried if it did.)

But, the current situation presents a unique opportunity for councils to introduce progressive policies to tackle climate change.

And that really is exciting!

Taking the lead

Imagine if new developments in your area had to have built-in renewable energy systems.

Well, if you live in Croydon or Merton, then you don't need to imagine. This is already happening.

There is no reason why other councils shouldn't follow suit, and try to do even better.

The Big Ask

Could your council be one of them?

Friends of the Earth has written to each Local Authority to ask them to incorporate progressive policies in their local plans.

So, why not contact your council and ask them what are they doing about reducing the climate impacts of new developments?


Tackling Climate Change at the Local Level: the role of Local Development Frameworks in reducing emissions of new developments. (PDF† 367K)

If you would like to know more about being a local climate campaigner, then you can find out more here.