High Court hearing over expansion of London City Airport

Local residents, with representation from Friends of the Earth lawyers, have taken Newham Council to court for expanding London City Airport.

Residents from a community campaign group have taken Newham Council to court in an attempt to overturn the decision to expand London City Airport.

The group said Newham Council had:

  • failed to consider Government policy on reducing aviation emissions to tackle climate change
  • failed to consult properly with local boroughs
  • failed to consult properly with residents living in the surrounding area.

A 2-day hearing at the High Court of Justice in London is under way.

The group is being represented by lawyers from Friends of the Earth's Rights & Justice Centre. They say Newham Council acted illegally by ignoring Government policy and local residents.

This hearing will allow those who were not consulted a chance of justice

Anne-Marie Griffin, Fight the Flights

Jenny Bates of Friends of the Earth said: "More flights will mean more noise and air pollution for local people - these damaging plans must be overturned."

"London is not on track to meet either its own climate change targets or EU legal air quality limits - we should be developing plans that improve the situation, not make it worse."

The Government has said that reducing emissions from aviation is a priority for tackling climate change.

A decision is expected in the coming weeks.