The Make It Better Law is on its way

After weeks of discussions, European decision makers have agreed a Make It Better law.

The Make It Better Law isn’t perfect, but it’s still a significant victory – a real start to wide-spread company accountability in Europe.

Once the law is in place, big companies will have to report on environmental, social and human rights issues. And what they plan to do about them.

The law isn’t exactly as we wanted it. But it’s a great step closer to being able to love our favourite products and love the way they’re made.

Listed vs unlisted companies

During negotiations, the European Parliament’s strong position was weakened. And a large proportion of this weakening was due to the UK Government.

Over 12,000 Friends of the Earth supporters asked Vince Cable to make sure the Make It Better law covered both private companies and those listed on the Stock Exchange.

We didn’t want one rule for listed companies and another for privately-owned ones. Unfortunately, Vince didn’t listen and the agreed law doesn’t cover private companies.

This is really disappointing, but a fight we can continue in a few years when the law is reviewed.

The companies that are covered include many market leaders. The Make It Better Law is a great opportunity for them to lead the way in transparency, setting the standard for other companies.

Four Footprints

Another success is tucked away in the official guidance.

Friends of the Earth’s Economics and Resource Use team works to get the EU to use our Four Footprints – water, land, carbon and materials.

Now the Make It Better Law’s guidance includes a recommendation that companies should report on these footprints.

This is great news and should help make EU companies much more efficient in their use of precious natural resources.

What next

Governments across Europe now need to decide how the new law will be implemented at home.

We'll be pushing political parties to commit to supporting strong reporting rules in their manifestos ahead of the next General Election

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