Water shortage evokes spirit of ‘76

The UK could face a drought as bad as 1976 this summer - following lower than average rainfall for the past two years.

The Government recently held an emergency summit between water companies, farmers and wildlife groups to look at how to deal with drought.  Experts say this could be as bad as that of 1976.

Friends of the Earth says if Ministers are serious about protecting crops and wildlife they must stop water companies drying up rivers. Successive Governments have allowed water companies to take too much water from English rivers. 

Yet these companies have not addressed the problem of leaky water pipes. 

The Government should get tough on water companies to do more to save water and put water-saving at the heart of our planning system.

Paul de Zylva, Senior Nature Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

We can all help to save water – at home, at work, in industry and in farming.

Visit Waterwise for tips on saving water, with simple steps like turning off the tap while cleaning your teeth.