Npower fined again

Here's further evidence of the Big Six energy companies keeping us hooked on dirty, expensive fossil fuels - by whatever means.

Last month, Ofgem fined Npower £2m for failing to record customer complaints properly - and for not making customers aware of the Energy Ombudsman’s service

This comes less than six months after Ofgem fined another Big Six company, British Gas, £2.5m – again, for failing to deal with complaints properly.

We urgently need the Government to launch a full public inquiry into the behaviour and influence of the energy companies and help for people to reduce their bills.

Donna Hume, Energy Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

Public inquiry

90% of people in the UK back Friends of the Earth’s demand for an inquiry into Big Six influence. Collectively, these companies supply 99% of household electricity.  And they own more than two thirds of our power stations.

Household names like British Gas and E.ON are planning to build new fossil fuel power plants – which could mean new renewable energy projects stay on the drawing board.

A Friends of the Earth report says this could cost the nation up to £13bn a year extra by 2020 - with producers likely to pass the bill on to hard-pressed customers and businesses.

We're calling for:

  • A public inquiry into the power of the Big Six.
  • Urgent action to stop the Government killing off our clean British energy providers.

What you can do

Please take action and help us create affordable energy for all.