Paraguay photo galleries

Glyn Thomas

12 May 2011

Recently I wrote about our recent fact-finding trip to Paraguay.

On the trip, I was particularly struck by the scale of the deforestation taking place in the Chaco.

So I was shocked (but not entirely surprised) to see that Paraguay topped the league table for deforestation in the Chaco last month

In just one month this year, 12,000 hectares of forest were destroyed in the Paraguayan Chaco, one of the world's last wildernesses. 

Much of the forest is being lost to grow soy, as we've been highlighting in our Fix the Food Chain campaign.

We've now put together some galleries of photos from the trip.


They show some of the evidence of how growing soy is affecting not just the environment in Paraguay - but also many of the people we met.

I hope you like the photos.

Glyn Thomas, Campaigns Team

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