New Bill to tackle climate change

Image of Mike Weir MP
Mike Weir MP

On 12 January, Mike Weir, MP for Angus, introduced a Private Members Bill, backed by a coalition including Friends of the Earth, which would boost the use of renewable sources for generating heat.

The second reading of the Bill will take place on 4 February. The new law would increase the use of renewable fuel crops such as willow and straw and harness sources such as solar power and natural ground heat.

  • Around a third of the UK’s demand for energy is for heat.

  • The proposed new law would require a proportion of heating fuel sold in the UK to be sourced from renewable resources.

  • This would play a significant role in helping the UK to combat climate change.

This Bill is a great opportunity to help farmers and other businesses and would reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. It would help in the fight against climate change and give a boost to underexploited sources of renewable energy.

Mike Weir
MP for Angus

How will this bill make a difference?

This proposed law will ensure a better market for fuel crops, and encourage investment – by providing an incentive for schools, hospitals, hotels, farmers or timber yards to install small scale units such as wood burners, ground heat pumps or straw fired heating.

This Private Members Bill is supported by Friends of the Earth, the National Farmers Union and the Woodland Trust.


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