Reclaim power: month of action on energy

A global month of action on energy is starting soon.

We face a planetary emergency and are heading for catastrophic levels of climate change.

Around the world people are uniting to respond to the crisis - but we need to reach more people, link up and scale up our actions.

That's why Friends of the Earth has joined with international groups to organise a global month of action on energy. From 11 October to 11 November people around the world will be calling for:

  • A global ban on all new dirty energy projects.
  • An end to tax payer hand outs to dirty energy companies.
  • Support to be redirected to community and decentralised energy systems.

Key dates during the month of action

October 11 Actions calling for a stop to public subsidies for dirty energy companies.

October 16 World Food Day: Day of Actions against Agrofuels.

October 19 Global Frackdown Day: Day of Actions against Fracking. Our local groups will be hitting the streets across the UK inviting people to tell their council why fracking is a dirty word.

November 6 Day of Action for People/Community Energy Alternatives.

November 10 Day of Action vs Oil (Anniversary of the death of Ken Saro Wiwa - Nigerian writer, environmental activist)

November 11 start of the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP) climate talks in Warsaw, Poland.

Please join us 

By doing any one or more of the following:

  • Join in our Day of Action against fracking - find out if your nearest Friends of the Earth group is taking part and if so how you can get involved.
  • Support our actions
  • Send messages via Facebook or Twitter (#reclaimpower) and other social media.
  • Write to newspapers.
  • Take a picture of yourself with a banner and send it to the global website.

Find out more here and get a toolkit for the month of action here.

Stay up to date at our international climate hub.