Minister challenged at public meeting in Stockport

Stockport voters challenged local MP Andrew Stunell to get every council in his constituency to do its bit to cut CO2 .

Stockport Friends of the Earth organised the public meeting with the Communities and Local Government Minister to stress the need for more local action to cut carbon emissions.

Audience members also quizzed the MP about improving energy efficiency standards in private rented homes and Government plans to cut public transport subsidies.

In front of a packed hall, Friends of the Earth’s Head of Climate Change Mike Childs asked Mr Stunell to support a nationwide system of local carbon budgets.

Local carbon budgets setting a fair amount of emissions in each area would help councils get behind cost-effective green measures like insulating homes and improving public transport.

This would:

  • Create jobs
  • Slash fuel bills
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

But Mr Stunell was not convinced by the idea of a top-down target for local authorities.

Many areas are already doing groundbreaking work to reduce climate-changing emissions by themselves. But too many areas are being left behind.

We hope this meeting has helped persuade the Minister that Stockport is not currently doing enough to cut climate-changing CO2 emissions and that every council has a crucial part to play if we're to meet our legal targets.

Kate Eldridge, campaigner at Stockport Friends of the Earth

With more than 80 per cent of UK emissions from things like how we heat our homes and get around, Friends of the Earth believes a nationwide system of local carbon budgets is vital to meet our targets in the Climate Change Act.

Take action

We need all MPs to hear from their constituents that they want a new law to ensure every area cuts emissions – with more money and less hassle to help them get behind green measures. 

Please ask your MP to back local carbon budgets for every council.