Stop Climate Chaos is go!

September 1st saw the launch of Stop Climate Chaos - a huge movement of people united in their concerns about climate change

Over 300 people gathered in central London to mark the occasion.

We're facing a catastrophe, with hundreds of millions of people at risk from severe drought, starvation and disease. The time has come to respond with the utmost urgency.

Stop Climate Chaos Director Ashok Sinha

People from many organisations - Friends of the Earth, WWF, Greenpeace, RSPB, Oxfam, Cafod, the Women's Institute and many more - were at the event.


Everyone lay on the ground together to form the shape of the Stop Climate Chaos symbol (see the orange logo on the side of the page).

The event was a great success.

Politicians can save millions of lives by keeping the average global temperature rise under two degrees C. That's the target. Our supporters are ready for the challenge.

Stop Climate Chaos director Ashok Sinha

We hope this event will mark the beginning of a huge public movement to show that urgent action needs to be taken on climate change.

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