Tories back the Big Ask... well, nearly

Oliver Letwin

Well, nearly...

Oliver Letwin, the Conservative Party environmental spokesman has (almost) supported The Big Ask.

The Big Ask campaign is calling for a Climate Change Bill that would commit the Government to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3% per year.

In September Oliver Letwin the gave an interview to the Daily Telegraph which reported:

Mr Letwin believes that an independent body is needed to preside over the three percent a year cut in greenhouse gases that will be needed to achieve the target of a 60 per cent cut in fossil fuel emission by 2050.

It went on to say:

Mr Letwin told The Daily Telegraph that it was worse than useless to have a policy which works for five years then comes unstuck, as proposed emissions have under Labour.

Which, really, is pretty similar to what Friends of the Earth have been saying. We'll keep you updated with further support from other parties and organisations as it comes in!

And remember, MPs are now back from the summer break - so it's a perfect time to email your MP to make sure that they have shown their support for The Big Ask.