Which one of these men can change the world?


The Tory leadership contest is now in the hands of 300k Party members. Voting has started, and ends with the winner being announced in early December.

Climate change will be one of the key challenges for the new leader of the Opposition.

We invited both candidates to talk to us about their views on global warming.

Davis camp quiet as Cameron calls for action

David Cameron kindly agreed for us to join him on his campaign trail. Listen to the full interview (MP3) or read an edited transcript.

Mr Davis has not responded to our numerous requests for an interview. Our invitation remains open - any information he provides will be added.

In the meantime you can read about recent speeches made by Mr Davis on environmental challenges.

Which candidate do you think has the best policies for tackling climate change?

How you voted:

David Cameron

88.99 %

David Davis

11.01 %

327 votes were cast.

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