Trump pulls out of Paris Climate Agreement

Donald Trump has officially pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

This comes at a time when climate change is an ever more urgent threat. 2016 was the hottest year on record.

In the Alps, glaciers have lost half their volume. And killer heat waves are expected in South Asia this summer. 

Action needed now on climate change

Only if we act now can we hope to prevent catastrophic climate change destroying lives.

In reaction to the news, Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth CEO said:

"We will campaign vigorously against any trade deal with the US.

"Why should they get to profit from trade with the UK, when their actions will result in more people dying from extreme weather around the world, contribute to ever more serious refugee crises, and cause increased flooding and disruption here in the UK?

UK must show leadership on climate action

“While the rest of the world is uniting to face this threat, the US stands alone, an outcast.

"But even Trump cannot stop the renewables revolution that is already underway. With China, individual American States, and people across the globe willing to take action, this crisis can be averted.

“Whoever becomes the next UK Prime Minister, they must now show leadership on climate action – starting by catching up with the rest of the world on renewables, and abandoning ill-advised plans to force fracking on communities.”

Treat Trump as a pariah

Erich Pica, Director of Friends of the Earth US said: 

“The US is going rogue on climate change.

"The world must unify in treating Trump as a pariah and not as an excuse for inaction.”

The next few years are crucial if we are to have any chance at keeping the climate safe.

We cannot stand by while Donald Trump takes a wrecking ball to global efforts to prevent catastrophic climate change. 

Pledge to protect our climate

Donald Trump in front of American flag