The beginners guide to the UN climate talks

The next UN climate meeting will take place in Montreal, Canada from Nov 28th - Dec 9th, 2005.

This will be the first meeting since the Kyoto Protocol finally became law earlier this year.

Messages from European citizens will be displayed
at the UN climate meeting.

Key event

The Montreal meeting is a key event. It will be the first chance to negotiate what should happen after 2012 - when the first phase of the Kyoto Protocol ends.

We all know the Kyoto Protocol isn't perfect - but it took years of negotiations to get this far. Some countries would like to see the Protocol scrapped, and negotiations to start from scratch.

This would be a huge waste of time, and could even open the possibility that countries would not be bound by any kind of mandatory target. This is clearly unacceptable.

The upcoming Montreal talks need to tackle this issue.

Friends of the Earth want to see decisions on:

  • A timeline for the post 2012 negotiations, and
  • Confirmation that these negotations will build on the framework of the Kyoto Protocol


More information

Find out what Friends of the Earth are planning for the meeting here.