Victory over the Hull incinerator

Plans for a proposed incinerator in Hull have been scrapped.

This success follows years of campaigning from HOTI (Hull and Holderness opposing the Incinerator) and other local community groups.

A waste of money

Owners of the waste contract for the incinerator - Waste Recycling Group (WRG) - wanted local tax payers to finance the incinerator over 25 years.

In addition they'd be forcing the council to supply large amounts of waste - completely undermining reuse and recycling efforts.

Moving the goalposts

To make matters worse WRG tried to change the terms of their contract, and asked for more funding from the local councils and Government.

Our legal team made a complaint on behalf of HOTI to the EU Commission, arguing that WRG would be breaking EU competition laws by changing the terms of their contract.


The EU Commission stepped in and put a halt to the changes.

As a result East Riding and Hull councils have terminated plans for the incinerator and their contract with WRG.

The local council are now looking towards more green and sustainable waste solutions.

Thank you to all the local groups who contributed to this campaign success.