Voodoo economics goes nuclear

A new report reveals that building a new generation of nuclear power stations would mean spending large sums of taxpayers money.

Voodoo economics report
Voodoo Economics and the Doomed Nuclear Renaissance was written by ex Guardian environment correspondent Paul Brown.

Unfulfilled promises

The report exposes fifty years of disastrous performance, failed technology and broken promises.

It also highlights escalating bills to the taxpayer and a backlog of toxic waste.


Did you know?

George Bush Snr coined the term 'voodoo economics.' He used it to describe Ronald Reagan’s economic policy that promised to increase revenues whilst lowering taxes.

A new replacement nuclear programme would supply just 4-5 % of UK energy consumption.

But government ministers are claiming Britain needs nuclear power to guarantee energy supplies and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The report asks why the nuclear industry is given such strong political encouragement given the risks.

Nuclear power has been given massive public subsidy. The government is trying to dupe the public into believing this won’t happen next time.

Paul Brown

Better energy

Friends of the Earth believes Britain can:

  • meet its energy needs
  • maintain energy security
  • tackle climate change

without nuclear power.

A 'replacement' nuclear programme would generate between 4- 5% of UK energy consumption. Offshore wind alone could potentially supply ten times as much.


The Government should be investing its resources in a comprehensive programme of:

  • renewables
  • energy efficiency
  • combined heat and power.

Download the full report.

Image © Friends of the Earth