Waitrose bans neonicotinoids from supply chains

The campaign to restrict the use of pesticides linked to bee decline was given a huge boost today.

Just a few hours ago, Waitrose unveiled plans to ban suppliers from using neonicotinoids.

The move follows discussion between the supermarket and Friends of the Earth's Bee Cause campaign.

Firms act on insecticides

In the last few months the Bee Cause campaign has helped persuade lots of home and garden retailers to remove neonicotinoids from their shelves. The pesticides have been identified as 'a high acute risk' to bees.

Businesses involved include:

  • B&Q (321 UK stores)
  • Wilkinson (372)
  • Homebase (340 in the UK and Ireland)
  • Wickes (200+)
  • The Garden Centre group (129)
  • Dobbies garden centres (32)
  • Klondyke garden centres (24)
  • Notcutts garden centres (19)
  • Scats garden centres (18)
  • Squires garden centres (14)
  • Blue Diamond garden centres (14)
  • Hillier garden centres (13)
  • The Garden Store garden centres (8)
Ministers can't ignore the mounting concern from scientists, businesses and the public – they must back EU proposals to restrict these insecticides.

Andrew Pendleton, Friends of the Earth's Head of Campaigns

Friends of the Earth's Director has written to Ministers urging them to act.

Please add your name to his letter and help persuade the Government to ban neoncitoinoids.