Share a wind farm

The Big Ask calls on the Government to take the lead on tackling climate change. As part of the solution, the UK needs to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy.

One man in Oxfordshire is already doing just that.

Harnessing the wind

Organic farmer and green enthusiast Adam Twine will soon have five wind turbines built on his land in Oxfordshire.

Adam Twine, on his organic farm.

Rather than being owned by a large energy company, the turbines will be one of the UK's first community owned wind farms.

The wind turbines are expected to become operational during 2006 and will provide enough 'green' electricity to power more than 2,500 average homes.

Investing for the future

The opportunity to buy shares in the project has now passed. You can find out more about this project and future investment opportunities from Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative Ltd.

Did you know?

The UK has, in the form of wind power, the largest renewable energy resource in Europe

British Wind Energy Association

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