Global climate change is the single biggest threat facing humanity.

There is much that can be done to stop catastrophic climate change but decisive action is needed now.

Image of Kilroot power-station
Did you know?

Kilroot coal-fired power-station is responsible for about 20% of Northern Ireland's CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency

Using less energy will also help stop climate change. It's also very cost effective. You can cut your energy use by:

  • Insulating your home and turning your thermostat down
  • Using energy efficient bulbs and appliances
  • Switching TVs off instead of leaving them on stand-by.

Simple steps like these will reduce your energy use, cut your carbon emissions and save you money.

Renewable energy

We need far greater investment in renewable energy sources such as:

  • Wind - Northern Ireland has one of the best wind resources in Europe
  • Wave and tidal - Northern Ireland has literally oceans of energy
  • Biomass - burning fast growing plants such as willow can be a great source of energy and provide badly needed jobs in rural areas.

Friends of the Earth says:

The Assembly should change Building Regulations so that all new homes include renewables.

Climate Change Act

Northern Ireland needs its own climate change law.

The law would make sure CO2 being released by Northern Ireland's homes and businesses is cut.

An Act would provide a framework for the transition into a low-carbon economy.

Join our campaign for a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act

Peak oil

Declining oil production is another key driver towards a low-carbon future. Weaning ourselves off fossil fuels will help to reduce the impacts of peak oil and tackle climate change - a win-win situation.

See our climate campaign pages for more information.

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