Planning and the climate challenge

The planning system has a crucial role to play in reducing emissions and tackling climate change.

That was the conclusion drawn by a conference organised by Friends of the Earth and the Town and Country Planning Association.

The conference was held at W5 in the Odyssey on 18th February. At it delegates learned:

  • Severe flooding will happen frequently
  • Belfast City centre is very vulnerable
  • People on low incomes will be badly affected

Speaking at the conference, Dr Hugh Ellis of TCPA said:

"Much can and should be done, both to mitigate climate change and adapt to its unavoidable impacts. The Assembly must task the planning system with the job of dealing with climate change." 

"Indeed, climate change mitigation and adaptation must become the key purpose of the planning system."

Dr Ellis continued:

"The future of coastal cities like Belfast will depend on developing low-carbon technology and in adapting to climate impacts. The planning system is key to this success."

Other speakers included:

  • Professor Greg Lloyd of the University of Ulster
  • Dr Anna Watson of Friends of the Earth
  • Diane Smith of TCPA
  • Rob Shaw of Aecom
  • Andy McCrea of Aecom
  • Declan Allison of Friends of the Earth
  • Lisa Fagan of Friends of the Earth

Download the conference presentation for more information.