Cut the strings

End donor secrecy

Thursday 8 November 2012

1 pm

Stormont Estate


Do you know who funds political parties?

Would you like to know?

Do you think you have a right to know if Assembly policy is being influenced by donors? We believe ordinary people should have that right, but the list of donors is kept secret.

Help us demand an immediate end to the ban on public access to the political donor register.

Everyone is welcome.

Parking is very restricted so you will need to give yourself plenty of time. Aim to be there by 12.30.

Better still, take the bus. The 4a will drop you at the front gates of Stormont estate. Allow at least 30 minutes to walk up to Parliament Buildings. The 12.05 from Donegall Square West is the best option.

Contact Niall Bakewell on 028 9089 7592 to register your interest and request more information.

Email the Northern Ireland Secretary to insist donor anonymity be removed.