Environmental governance inquiry gets underway

The Northern Ireland team are celebrating the announcement that the long awaited inquiry into environmental protection has begun. The announcement was made by Environment Minister, Jeff Rooker.

The ‘Review of Environmental Governance’ will be chaired by Tom Burke, Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London. Tom will be assisted by Prof. Sharon Turner, an eminent environmental lawyer, and Gordon Bell, a successful businessman.

Environmental protection a step closer

This review will almost certainly deliver an independent Environmental Protection Agency for Northern Ireland. But crucially, the review will also look at wider issues like governance for sustainable development and reform of the planning system. The role of the judiciary and the need for new enforcement tools will be examined too.

High calibre

We are very pleased with the Terms of Reference and the calibre of the review panel. They have a wealth of experience and expertise in business, the environment and law.

The job now is to make sure the review is open and transparent, so as many people as possible can take part.

Press for change

Would you like to have your say on how Northern Ireland’s environment should be protected? Go to http://www.regni.info/ and let the panel know what you think.

We’d love you to get involved.