What do you think of the planning system?

Have you ever watched some monstrous carbuncle be built and think to yourself, ‘how did they ever get planning permission for that?’ The Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland team keep asking the same question.

We’ve witnessed out-of-town shopping destroy town centres; iconic sites threatened by developments; and the steady suburbanisation of the countryside.

Northern Ireland has the dubious distinction of having more single dwellings built in the countryside than England, Wales and Scotland combined.

Fix planning

Something has gone wrong with the planning system and we plan to fix it.

We are launching a new planning campaign. The first phase will be gathering evidence. We want to hear people’s stories of

  • battling with planners
  • inappropriate developments going ahead
  • developers being a little too friendly with politicians.

Your stories

If you have information you think would be useful please fill in the questionnaire. Alternatively email us directly with your stories.

You can also download the questionnaire and fill it in offline.

Your questionnaire will be treated with the strictest confidence.

We need your help to fix Northern Ireland’s broken planning system.