See you in court!


Image of a statue of Lady Justice
Water Service is being hauled
before the Courts for polluting
Northern Ireland's waters.


Friends of the Earth's legal action against Water Service has taken an interesting turn. Water Service and EHS have combined forces. But why is our environment watchdog defending our biggest polluter?

Unlawful policy

We are challenging Water Service's decision to connect new housing to failing sewage systems. The case is due to be heard in early February 2006. We are confident the judge will rule that the policy is unlawful.

Sewage pollution

Many parts of Northern Ireland have failing, overloaded or non-existent sewage works (PDF). New houses will result in even more raw and poorly treated human waste being pumped into the sea, loughs and rivers.

Friends of the Earth is recommending that developers install small-scale sewage works as a solution. In fact, we are insisting this is made a condition of planning consent.