Consultation responses


End of term report 2016
(PDF† format 289K) April 2016
A report on the performance of the Northern Ireland Executive over the past 5 years

Letter to the Editor: A6 through Heaney country
(PDF† format 100.78K) Feb 2016
A letter to newspaper Editors about the proposed A6 road through Heaney country between Lough Neagh and Lough Beg

Run on Sun
(PDF† format 6M) Jan 2015
How every school can benefit from solar power

10 concerns about Dalradian gold mine
(PDF† format 230K) Jan 2015
This briefing lays out Friends of the Earth's concerns about systemic and persistent errors by the DOE in processing Dalradian's gold mine application.

Ballynahone Bog: ten thousand years of history at the crossroads
(PDF† format 443K) Feb 2014
This briefing explains why plans to develop large chicken broiler facilities adjacent to Ballynahone Bog should be turned down.

No fracking way: why fracking for shale gas is a gamble Northern Ireland does not need to take
(PDF† format 820K) Nov 2013
This briefing outlines the objections to the exploitation of shale gas in Northern Ireland

The Planning Bill 2013
(PDF† format 369K) Sep 2013
This briefing explains why the amendments to the Planning Bill 2013, and recent planning policies, are a threat to effective land-use planning that works for people, the economy, and the environment.

G8 Economics: The Northern Ireland experience
(PDF† format 329K) Jun 2013
This briefing describes how the economic policies being pursued by the G8 and the Northern Ireland Executive have not brought prosperity or increased well-being.

Who pulls the strings?
(PDF† format 386K) Oct 2012
This briefing explains why transparency of donations to political parties is essential for a healthy, functioning democracy.

What are they planning?
(PDF† format 256K) Jan 2012
This briefing sets out Friends of the Earth's vision for a planning system that works for people, the environment, and the economy.

Get in the Game Campaign – a briefing for activists
(PDF† format 134K) Sept 2010
This briefing is an outline of the Stop Climate Chaos 'Get in the Game' campaign for activists.

Planning Reform: making the most of the opportunity
(PDF† format 2.48M) Aug 2009
This briefing is a guide to the planning reform process. It identifies 11 key areas that should be addressed.

Green New Deal for Northern Ireland
(PDF† format 464K) Jun 2009
This briefing outlines a vision for a Northern Ireland which is able to respond robustly to the triple crunch of recession, unstable fuel prices and climate change.

Green New Deal for Northern Ireland - Housing Package
(PDF† format 486K) Jun 2009
This Green New Deal paper focuses on existing homes and looks at the job creation potential of refurbishment and renewable energy.

Belfast City Council Waste Treatment Questionnaire - A suggested response
(PDF† format 75K) Mar 2009
This briefing is a suggested response to Belfast City Council's questionnaire on Incineration and Mechanical and Biological Treatment.

Lisnaragh ASSI
(PDF† format 85.7K) Dec 2008
This briefing looks at the legal errors made by the Environment Minister when he rescinded the designation of Lisnaragh ASSI.

Planning Policy Statement: Planning and Climate Change
(PDF† format 100K) Nov 2007
This briefing sets out the planning principles the Northern Ireland Assembly should observe in order to tackle climate change.

Assembly Briefing No 1 - The Climate Change Bill
(PDF† format 101K) June 2007
This Assembly briefing aims to persuade MLAs to agree to opt-in to the Climate Change Bill.

Planning Policy Statement 14
Sustainable Development in the Countryside

(PDF† format 56K) June 2006
This briefing makes the case for supporting Planning Policy Statement 14 on Sustainable Development in the Countryside

Planning for the environment in Northern Ireland
(PDF format 275K) April 2006
This action guide will tell you all you need to know about the planning system in Northern Ireland, how you can participate in planning decisions and how to use it in your campaigning.

Adopt a Polluter - filthy factories, dodgy dumps and squalid sewage
(PDF format 241K) March 2005
Friends of the Earth is campaigning for Environment and Heritage Service to be replaced with a new independent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This briefing enables you to join our campaign.

Investing in a better future - Ethical pensions, insurance and investments
(PDF format) May 2003
By investing in ethical pensions, insurance schemes and other products we can secure a stable, safe future for ourselves and our families without contributing to climate change, environmental destruction and social injustice.

Relocalising food procurement
(PDF format 106K) April 2003
How a 'local first' purchasing policy can
boost farm incomes and cut food miles.

Towards Sustainable Economies:
challenging neoliberal economic globalisation

(PDF format) Sept 2002
Neoliberal economics have failed, but what are the alternatives and how can we measure real economic welfare?

Regional Transportation Strategy - Reverse Transport Spending
(PDF format) Mar 2002
Peter Robinson's Proposed Regional Transportation Strategy panders to three common transport myths: that everyone has a car; that roads spending benefits the economy; and that building new road space eases congestion. This briefing sets out the case for spending a far greater proportion of strategy resources on public transport.

How to win at BMAP!
(PDF format) Mar 2002
A guide to the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan for concerned citizens, campaigners and community groups.

Vision Impaired - An Analysis of the DARD Vision Group Report
(PDF format 128K) Dec 2001
This briefing sets out why the 'Vision' report is an inadequate foundation on which to build the future of food and farming in Northern Ireland and why it presents a dangerously narrow agenda on which to conduct the current debate.

The case for the full implementation of the Aggregates Levy in Northern Ireland
(PDF format) Aug 2001
Quarry industry lobbyists have argued that the introduction of the aggregates levy in Northern Ireland will give operators in the Republic an unfair advantage and that jobs will migrate over the border. This briefing explains how the levy could help in the creation of thousands of jobs and regenerate struggling rural economies.

Railways: ruin or revival?
(PDF format) Sept 2000
The Northern Ireland Assembly will shortly be making tough choices on public expenditure priorities for the next three years. As our railways face a deepening crisis, this briefing argues the case for rail and responds to the conclusions of the Railways Task Force report.



Public and stakeholder opinion of the Northern Ireland Planning System
(PDF format 1.1M) Dec 2011
Summary results of the planning survey conducted by Queen's University Belfast on behalf of Friends of the Earth.

Submission to the A5 WTC Public Inquiry
(PDF format 107K) May 2011
This is evidence submitted to the Public Inquiry into the proposed A5 Western Transport Corridor road scheme

Rural settlement patterns and access to development land
(PDF format) Apr 2008
This report demonstrates that PPS14: Sustainable Development in the countryside is not a threat to Northern Ireland’s rural dwellers.

Consensus grows on Environmental Protection Agency
(PDF format 957K) Jan 2008
This is a stakeholder endorsement document, with comments in support of an EPA from political parties, business leaders and other key stakeholders.

Estimating potential costs for an independent environmental protection agency in Northern Ireland
Executive summary (PDF format) Nov 2007
Full report (PDF format) Nov 2007
This report presents analyses of the efficiency gains presented by reforming Northern Ireland's regulatory system, and the costs of establishing and then operating a new EPA.

DOE ill-prepared for introduction of new landfill regime which will force closure of many sites
(PDF format) July 2006
This report focuses on the regulation of the waste industry by Environment and Heritage Service. It examines the views of senior executives from many of Northern Ireland’s leading waste companies, and also provides a comparative analysis of the performance of EHS and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

Sewage treatment in Northern Ireland: Hotspots - a legal opinion
(PDF format) Dec 2004
This is a legal opinion on the policy that the Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) should not object to applications for planning permission for development in 56 'hotspot' locations where there is inadequate sewage treatment infrastructure.

Environmental Protection Consultation: analysis of responses
(PDF format 360K) Oct 2004
This report provides an analysis of the responses to the Environmental Protection Consultation. This consultation was based on the report by Professor Richard Macrory on Northern Ireland’s environmental protection regime.

Transparency and Trust: Reshaping Environmental Governance in Northern Ireland - full report
(PDF format 300K) April 2004
This report describes a range of options for effective environmental governance in Northern Ireland, including the creation of an independent Environmental Protection Agency. The Executive summary is also available(PDF format 78K).

M1/Westlink 'Freight First' proposal
(PDF format 357K) Nov 2003
The Freight First proposal would see a reallocation of space to give priority to freight and public transport vehicles over the private car. Freight First also proposes the introduction of priority signalling allowing lorries and buses a head start on cars.

Localising the Food Economy in Northern Ireland - Opportunities and Strategy for Growth
(PDF format 794K) June 2002
This report presents a vision focused upon a local, not global, food economy where food products are consumed close to their point of production - and proceeds to outline a strategy for achieving it.

Out of the Shadows
(PDF format) June 2000
The future of Northern Ireland’s railways. A report by the Transport Research and Information Network for Friends of the Earth (Northern Ireland).


Consultation responses

Response to the consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment regulations 2017
(PDF format - 250.8K) Feb 2017
Friends of the Earth's submission to the consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2017

Response to Review of Permitted Development Rights for Mineral Exploration
(PDF format - 291.8K) Feb 2017
Friends of the Earth's submission to the consultation on Permitted Development Rights for Mineral Exploration

Objection to proposed pig farm near Limavady
(PDF format - 192.6K) Sept 2016
Friends of the Earth's objection to an application for a pig farm near Limavady, County Londonderry.

Submission to the call for evidence on Permitted Development Rights for mineral exploration
(PDF format - 254K) May 2016
Friends of the Earth's submission to the DOE's call for evidence on Permitted Development Rights for mineral exploration

Response to the discusion paper - Environmental Governance in Northern Ireland
(PDF format - 234K) Jan 2016
Friends of the Earth's response to the DOE consultation on environmental governance

Response to the discussion paper - Proposals for taking forward NI climte change legislation
(PDF format - 278K) Jan 2016
Friends of the Earth's response to the DOE consultaion on climate change legilsation

The Better Regulation Bill consultation
(PDF format - 295K) Aug 2015
Friends of the Earth's response to the Better Regulation Bill consultation

CFD implementation in NI – Strategic issues discussion paper
(PDF format - 222K) May 2015
Friends of the Earth's response to the DETI Contracts for Difference discussion paper.

A Strategic Planning Policy Statement for Northern Ireland: A consultation response
(PDF format - 660K) Apr 2014
Friends of the Earth's response to the SPPS consultation.

Objection to Rathlin Energy's application for a Petroleum Licence for Ballinlea, Co. Antrim
(PDF format - 199K) July 2013
Friends of the Earth's objection to Rathlin Energy's application for a Petroleum Licence.

Response to Climate Change Bill 2013
(PDF format - 636K) May 2013
Friends of the Earth's response to the Northern Ireland Climate Change Bill pre-consultation.

Response to the Planning Bill 2013
(PDF format - 640K) March 2013
Friends of the Earth's response to the Environment Committee's call for evidence on the Planning Bill 2013

Response to Programme for Government 2011 - 2015 consultation
(PDF format - 137K) February 2012
Friends of the Earth's response to the 2011 - 2015 Draft programme for Government

Response to Rebalancing the economy consultation
(PDF format - 182K) June 2011
Friends of the Earth's response to the consultation on lowering Corporation Tax.

Response to PPS24 - Economic considerations
(PDF format - 124K) May 2011
Friends of the Earth's response to the Northern Ireland Planning Policy Statement 24 on economic considerations.

Response to the Planning Bill consultation
(PDF format - 206K) Jan 2011
Friends of the Earth's response to the consultation on the Northern Ireland Planning Bill

Proposed changes to the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation consultation response
(PDF format - 288K) Dec 2009
Friends of the Earth's response to the DETI Renewables Obligation consultation

Northern Ireland Strategic Energy Framework pre-consultation response
(PDF format - 177K) Sept 2008
Friends of the Earth's response to the DETI Strategic Energy Framework pre-consultation document. 

Sustainable Development:
The Regulator's Role

(PDF format - 164K) Sept 2008
Friends of the Earth's response to the consultation on the role of the Northern Ireland Utility Regulator in promoting Sustainable Development.

A submission to the consultation on draft Planning Policy Statement 18: Renewable energy
(PDF format - 178K) Nov 2007
Friends of the Earth supports the development of renewable energy technologies but believe this policy is too restrictive.

The Draft Climate Change Bill, March 2007: response from Friends of the Earth (Northern Ireland)
(PDF format - 102K) June 2007
Friends of the Earth believes that there are strong moral, economic, social and environmental imperatives for Northern Ireland to contribute its fair share of global emissions cuts.

A submission to the DOE consultation on proposals for managing the coexistence of GM, conventional and organic crops
(PDF format) Apr 2007
Friends of the Earth considers that DOE’s proposals for a coexistence regime for Northern Ireland are deeply flawed, and based on incorrect assumptions and misinterpretation of EU law.

Response by Friends of the Earth to draft PlanningPolicy Statement 14: Sustainable Development in the Countryside
(PDF format) Jun 2006
In adopting a presumption against development in open countryside, the Department for Regional Development (DRD) has made an important step in moving Northern Ireland towards more sustainable forms of rural development.

Putting justice at the heart of the Planning System in Northern Ireland: response to Reforming Planning Proposals to Amend Primary Legislation in Northern Ireland, August 2004
(PDF format) Nov 2004
The introduction of robust rights of participation in planning, along with a statutory duty to promote sustainable development, would position the Northern Ireland Planning System as one of the most progressive and just in Europe.

A position report on the future investment needs of the Northern Ireland railway network
(PDF format) Sept 2004
In the rest of the UK and Ireland, the respective governments are investing in rail. Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, the Government is contemplating closing key stretches of the network. In this report, Friends of the Earth argues that the network should be expanded, not cut.

Response by Friends of the Earth to Transparency and Trust: Reshaping Environmental Governance in Northern Ireland (The Macrory Report)
(PDF format) June 2004
This paper is a detailed response and addresses options for the"Delivery mechanisms surrounding Environment and Heritage Service" section from the Macrory Report.

The reform of water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland
(PDF format - 176K) June 2003
A response to the consultation on the future of Water Service.

Promoting Sustainable Living
(PDF format - 248K) Sept 2002
A consultation response on the Sustainable Development strategy for Northern Ireland.



Issue 30 - Winter 2016
(PDF† format - 1.9M)
Issue 30 of the Northern Ireland Newsletter - Farming in a climate constrained future.

Issue 29 - Summer 2016
(PDF† format - 747K)
Issue 29 of the Northern Ireland Newsletter - The Programme for Government: what should be prioritised?

Issue 28 - Winter 2015
(PDF† format - 1.84M)
Issue 28 of the Northern Ireland Newsletter - Climate change: the defining issue of our age

Issue 27 - Spring 2015
(PDF† format - 978K)
Issue 27 of the Northern Ireland newsletter - Realising Utopia

Issue 26 - Autumn 2014
(PDF† format - 650K)
Issue 26 of the Northern Ireland newsletter - Energy Democracy

Issue 25 - Winter 2014
(PDF† format - 5.1M)
Issue 25 of the Northern Ireland newsletter - the death of democracy: whodunnit?

Issue 24 - Spring 2013
(PDF† format - 768K)
Issue 24 of the Northern Ireland newsletter - Sustainable development or development at any cost: what G8 economic policies mean for Northern Ireland.

Issue 23 - Autumn 2012
(PDF† format - 666K)
Northern Ireland newsletter issue 23 Autumn 2012: has devolution failed the environment? Andrew McMurray investigates energy policy; Declan Allison discusses secrecy in donations to political parties; James Orr looks at the consequences of Executive decisions, and asks why the system is failing; John Manley suggests economic obsession is shock doctrine; and Robin Wilson considers the environmental record since 2007.

Issue 22 - Autumn 2011
(PDF† format - 486K)
What are they planning? John Woods interview; Green New Deal update; open letter to MLAs about planning reform; planning survey results;Get in the game update; critique of Corporation tax plans; analysis of Durban climate talks.

Issue 21 - Spring 2011
(PDF† format - 750K)
Business as usual or low-carbon economy? Marian Farrell profile; Rich countries duck climate responsibility; Planning in Northern Ireland: Time to turn over a new leaf? Help reform planning; Reformed planning or deformed planning; Strangely like a war; Green New Deal receives funding; Budget sidelines sustainable development.

Issue 20 - Autumn 2010
(PDF† format - 1.48M)
Will the Assembly sit on the sidelines or get in the game? profile on Glyn Roberts, Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association; update on the Belfast Cycyle City campaign; analysis from Michael Meacher MP; predictions for the Cancún climate talks; latest on the Green New Deal; the failings of the planning system; climategate; and the Get in the Game campaign for a Climate Change Act. 

Issue 19 - Spring 2010
(PDF† format - 1.7M)
Where do we go after Copenhagen? Welcome to James Orr, Northern Ireland Director; Political analysis from James Orr; A fond farewell to Lisa Fagan; Activist round-up; Get in the Game campaign update; Activism in rock music; No hopenhagen - post Copenhagen analysis; Missed opportunity for renewables; Planning for a low-carbon future.

Issue 18 - Autumn 2009
(PDF† format - 391K)
Have the Copenhagen climate talks failed before they've started? Environment Minister Edwin Poots MLA; Activist round-up; Thank you John and good luck; Ice-age u-turn; Belfast rejects incinerator; Road to Copenhagen; the Northern Ireland 'Green New Deal'; Cold house for the environment; Making waves for climate justice.

Issue 17 - Autumn 2008
(PDF† format - 306K)
Is devolution delivering for the environment? Sammy Wilson MP, MLA, Activist round-up, Environment failed by devolution, Planning policy no threat to rural communities, Political dealing on rural planning policy, EPA defeat, Peak oil, Economic opportunities of a low-carbon future.

Issue 16 - Spring 2008
(PDF† format - 329K)
Decision time on an Environmental Protection Agency, Mark Durkan MP MLA, Wake up to climate change, It's time for an Environmental Protection Agency, Happy Anniversary, The Budget was a missed opportunity, Green groups reassure farmers on EPA, Carbon offsetting: solution or distraction, Climate Change Bill.

Issue 15 - Autumn 2007
(PDF† format - 347K)
It's time for the Assembly to take the lead, Arlene Foster MLA, Review of countryside planning policy, The Island Gathering 2007, Why churches need a climate change, Big decisions in the Big House, Emerald Isle to cut greenhouse gases, Opt-in or cop-out, Environment watchdog final report.

Issue 14 - Spring 2007
(PDF† format - 280K)
Will the Assembly join the revolution, Dr Nicola Creighton, Climate proofing the planning system, Spreading the word of the Big Ask, Executive Decisions, Climate agenda heats up, EPA update, Hotspots victory in European court, Act for climate.

Issue 13 - Autumn 2006
(PDF† format - 404K)
Will Northern Ireland catch the green wave, Philip Allen, Growing activism, EPA in sight, Ride the wave or wipe-out, Wealth or welfare, Rail vision, Hotspots court victory, The Big Answer.

Issue 12 - Spring 2006
(PDF† format - 332K)
Environmental Protection Agency, DOE legal defence dead in the water, Professor Amyan Macfadyen, Polluter pays - but not Kilroot, Local successes, Pause for reflection, Ban on bungalow blight, Waste Strategy a waste of paper, Renewable energy future for Northern Ireland, Transport round-up.

Issue 11 - Autumn 2005
(PDF† format - 258K)
Hotspots court cases announced, EPA inquiry begins, Lord Rooker profile, A new team member, First 'Island Gathering', Environmental governance and sustainability, Planning rights under threat, Adopt a polluter successes, Climate policy frozen in time, Third time unlucky for waste strategy.

Issue 10 - Spring 2005
(PDF format - 258K)
Sewage hotspots reach boiling point, Kilroot - carbon dinosaur, Oisín Coghlan profile, fighting pollution action guide, the future of planning, crisis in planning, Kyoto climate contract commences, Government wasters exposed, 8 out of 10 say DOE failing on pollution.

Issue 9 - Autumn 2004
(PDF format - 1.4MB)
'Illegal' Crown immunity must go, Waste strategy has "failed to deliver", Sammy weatherup profile, Environmental protection debate gains momentum, Must try harder on recycling, Why Europe is important, Rail threat, Northern Ireland sensitive to Europe, Europe begins legal action on planning.

Issue 8 - Spring 2004
(PDF format - 911K)
Environmental protection debate begins, Why Northern Ireland needs effective environmental protection, Professor Richard Macrory profile, Water Service scorecard, Adopt a polluter, Waste wranglings, Strangford saved?

Issue 7 - Autumn 2003
(PDF format - 191K)
Europe set to take legal action, Leaky landfill legacy, Angela Smith MP profile, Reducing food miles from gate to plate, Farming's future, Eyesore or elegant solution?, New head on the block.

Issue 6 - Spring 2003
(PDF format - 215K)
DOE gagged, Lignite lunacy, Pollution park, Westlink show trial, Buy local food.

Issue 5 - Summer 2002
(PDF format - 937K)
Westlink round two, Fair trade for farmers, John McCormick profile, Transport strategy response, In a spin over GM, Planning justice, Rio plus 10, Stop Esso, Scotland dumped on.

Issue 4 - Spring 2002
(PDF format - 651K)
Regional Transportation strategy, Rail line closure, Department of Environment in court, New environment minister, Renewable energy review, Benefits of local food.

Issue 3 - Autumn 2001
(PDF format - 758K)
Rail success, Vision for food and farming, Westlink report, Green transport league tables, Quarry tax.

Issue 2 - Spring 2001
(PDF format - 1.1MB)
M1/Westlink:public inquiry or kangaroo court? Railways: citizens call for cash, Our changing climate, Walking bus, Growing a local food economy.

Issue 1 - Summer 2000
(PDF format - 670K)
Railways in Crisis, Westlink Review, A bright future for farming, Waste Strategy Launched, What future for Sellafield?