Build the climate movement: bigger, better, stronger

There was dancing in the streets when community power stopped fracking coming to Lancashire.

All over the UK the tide is turning against dirty energy: we’re splitting up with fossil fuels, embracing clean energy and getting together on climate marches across the country to challenge climate change.

The situation is serious, but people already have the solutions and desire to stop catastrophic climate change. It’s vital we change the path we’re on and to do that we cannot rely on our government’s good will alone.

History is full of examples of people overcoming the odds and making the world a better and fairer place. Sign up below to join the movement that will overcome climate change.

At the end of the year world leaders will be making decisions in Paris on climate change. But the Paris talks aren’t the end, they are just the beginning.

We want policies that prioritise health and the environment; that protect the poorest people from irresponsible industries; and help those who are already suffering from the effects of a legacy of climate pollution. So we need to stick together.

By joining our movement online and on the streets, you can make a difference. Our fracking and nature campaign wins prove that.

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The next few months are packed with opportunities to join in with others who want to tackle climate change - using everything from the economy to the food we eat. See our calendar of climate change events.

Or there is our guide for anyone campaigning on climate change – covering the science, what needs to happen, and what we can do. 

Why is now the right time?

We're winning against fracking. Thousands are closing savings accounts and pensions that are tied to fossil fuels. Even more are calling for our schools to run on solar power, joining millions of people around the world who want clean energy powering the grid.
This December, global leaders will be meeting in Paris to discuss climate change. 

With massive events across the UK and Europe, now is the time to join the movement to tackle climate change.

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