Land, Food & Water

Humanity is in danger of exhausting key natural resources that we think of as renewable – chief among them our food and fresh water.

This is why Friends of the Earth is working to change the way we produce and consume our food and fresh water. What we do with our land and what we choose to eat have huge impacts on our environment, our health, and our ability to feed future generations. Join us in calling for a world where we can all eat better.

 I want to Eat Better


Find out more about what we do:

1. We take action to improve how food is produced and consumed

We can all choose to eat better for our health and for the environment. We all need to think about what we eat and where it came from

Did you know agriculture:

We’re campaigning alongside farmers and many others for better ways of farming and improvements in the way food gets to market. This includes sustainable farming that doesn't exhaust the land, and cutting down on waste.

We're taking action by changing what we eat - and helping others do the same. Sign our pledge to get involved.

 I want to Eat Better


2. We take action to improve how natural resources are used

We’re campaigning to prevent over-consumption of natural resources. We do this through working on: 

  • Land grabs - We're campaigning against companies who take land away from local people
  • Saving water - We all need to use less of it 
  • Biofuels - We’re showing how increasing demand for crops grown for energy is threatening forests, pushing up food prices and can contribute to climate change 

Companies, states and corporate investors are taking away land from local people, mainly in developing countries. This is known as land grabbing. We’re raising awareness of the issue – and campaigning against land grabs and their financing.