Major infrastructure projects

Major infrastructure projects (MIPs) are large developments such as nuclear power stations, biomass plants and new road schemes.

The Government introduced a new process to make decisions on the development of major projects in the 2008 Planning Act.

New projects which are not infrastructure can also now go through this process under the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013.
A unit in the Planning Inspectorate is there to examine applications, advising the Secretary of State on the decision.

Process overview


Before the developer submits an application they must register and consult the community.


Before the Planning Inspectorate examines the application, all interested parties much register.


When the process starts, there is only 6 months for the examination to take place.

This is when you need to submit written representations, and you also have a right to an open-floor hearing. There may also be issue specific hearings. 

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Judicial review

You can challenge the process through judicial review if something has gone wrong. Contact our Rights & Justice Centre for more information.