Meat Free May

Most people eat meat twice a day without even thinking about it. But the amount of meat and fish we feast on is damaging our planet and our health.

But cutting down on the amount of meat and fish we eat can seem daunting. What do you cook instead? How do you get the right balance of nutrients?

Over the past three years we've helped thousands of you to find out. But now we've got some new plans...

Over 2017 we're going to be exploring some exciting new ways to help you kick off a less and better meat diet. This means we won't be offering any support for Meat Free May this year.

Don't worry though - all our existing resources, including tasty tips and meat-free recipes, are still available if you fancy having a meat-free month any time in 2017.

Do you want to help us develop our new, secret plans to get everyone eating amazing, planet-friendly food? Sign up below and help lead the way towards sustainable food for everyone. 

Help us cook up change

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