Our CEO - Craig Bennett

Craig Bennett started as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Friends of the Earth in July 2015.

He is an accomplished public speaker, regularly appears in the broadcast and print media, and lectures at several universities and business schools.

See below for links to Craig’s latest blogs, letters, tweets, videos and newspaper articles.

What Craig's up to


Outside the EU, the UK could again be the 'dirty man of Europe'
"Ecologist", 25 January 2016

Green Light
Profile in "Cambridge Magazine", January 2016

Cameron must make a climate U-turn immediately if he isn't to betray Paris
"The Guardian",14 December 2015

These are the four steps Britian can take to make a serious difference to climate change
"Independent", 27 November 2015

Is UK climate and energy policy hypocritical or just incomplete
"The Guardian", 18 November 2015


We are leaving the EU. Now what?
Blog, 24 June 2016

Why The Daily Telegraph is wrong and we are right to stand up for the environment
Blog, 11 March 2016


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Amber Rudd MP's reply to Craig's above letter.
18 January 2016

Craig's letter to Amber Rudd MP regarding concerns over potential expansion of gas power station construction.
26 November 2015

Craig's letter to Patrick McLoughlin MP in the wake of the VW emissions cheating scandal.
25 September 2015

Andrew Jones MP's response to Craig's above letter to Patrick McLoughlin MP
17 December 2015

Speeches and talks

Anglia Ruskin University seminar series: What will Brexit actually mean for Britain?
3 November 2016

Global crisis, local action: What can cities and communities really do about climate change?
20 October 2016

Hills Road College: Brexit-themed talk and discussion with Geography Society students
19 October 2016

Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University seminar series: Are universities and research councils doing nearly enough to tackle climate change?
19 October 2016

Resurgence 50th Anniversary: What is progress? And how are we doing? And where should we be going next?
23 September 2016

March for Europe/Cambridge pro EU rally
3 September 2016  

Post Brexit parliamentary event: Where next for the environment and climate?
12 July 2016


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