Ready to set up a group?

Please make sure you've followed the steps outlined on the Starting a group page before reading on.

To start campaigning as a Friends of the Earth local group, you need to become officially licensed.

To do this, you need to complete both a Partnership Agreement and a Trade Mark Licence Agreement. For more information on these documents, go to our Partnership Agreement page.

Print off these two documents, complete and sign them. Then return them to us at Friends of the Earth, 56-58 Alma Street, Luton LU1 2PH, with a fee of £1 (cheques should be made payable to Friends of the Earth Limited). When we receive this paperwork, your group is licensed.

When you've done that, we'll get in touch with information on free resources, funding and next steps for your group.

What else do I need to do?

  1. Complete the Local Group contact details form and return it to us by email or by post with your agreements.
  2. On the Partnership Agreement page you will find links to guidelines that all groups need to be aware of. Please read them. Also have a look at the Policies and procedures section.
  3. Please read the insurance guidance. It's important that you understand what activities your group is permitted to do.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the Local group resources section.
  5. Email the Community Activism Team or your Network Developer if you're in Wales or Northern Ireland with any queries. And keep them posted on news about your group.

What happens next?

Once we've received all the completed documentation from you, we'll email you to confirm that the group is now officially registered and direct you to the New Group Welcome Pack.