Switch your energy to a cleaner supplier

We’ve teamed up with Ecotricity and Good Energy to make switching the gas and electricity to your home or business quick and simple.

Each time someone switches to clean energy it’s a vote for a green future. Switching is quick and super easy and is one of the most effective actions we can all take to protect our planet. That’s why we work closely with Ecotricity and Good Energy.

Both companies are gold-standard green energy suppliers who get 100 per cent of their electricity from renewable sources. Like Friends of the Earth, they are both committed to ending the UK’s reliance on filthy fossil fuels.

When you switch to Good Energy or Ecotricity you’ll be:

  • Helping break the monopoly of the Big 6 energy companies who stand in the way of progressive change
  • Growing the green energy movement – the most effective way of weakening the fossil industry
  • Supporting Friends of the Earth. For each supporter who switches to either Ecotricity or Good Energy, we’ll receive a significant donation
  • Sending a clear message to the UK Government that you believe our power must come from wind, sun and water – not coal, gas and nuclear.

If you are considering switching your home, or your business, to green gas and clean electricity, please consider both Ecotricity and Good Energy. Friends of the Earth is united with them both in tackling the planet’s most serious climate challenges.

Getting the process started is simple.

Find out more at:

Ecotricity loyalty offer
or call 08000 302 302


Good Energy offer
or call 0800 254 0004 / 0845 456 1640

Please mention Friends of the Earth when you call.