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What makes your world amazing?

Share with us what makes your world amazing.  Upload your photo with a donation and tell us what makes it so special. We’ll include it in the big picture – our online gallery to inspire us to look after Planet Earth.

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What it's all about

What makes your world amazing? Your pet? An awesome sunset? A picnic in the park?
Whatever it is, we want to celebrate it in our biggest event of the year – the big picture.

We already shared hundreds of your photos at Waterloo station between 24th and 28th of March but we want our online gallery to grow to show how important it is to safe our precious planet. 
So upload your photos today - and be part of something big.


Watching the sun set from the pub by the canal


Wild swimming to cool off on one of our elusive hot days

Where your money goes

This is just some of the amazing work we’ll do in 2014 with your support.

  • Our bees are dying out fast and a huge reason for this is loss of their natural habitat. We’re planting new wildflower spaces to provide food and shelter.
  • Fracking is a dirty word. We’re helping communities confronted by fracking with legal advice and planning guidance.
  • Demand for biofuels is driving small farmers off their land. We’ve shown that some of these land grabs are being bankrolled by some of our best known financial institutions.

Waterloo Station

On 24-29 March we showed hundreds of your photos on 40 metre wide screens at Waterloo Station, where up to 1.3 million people could see them. It was really inspiring to meet and chat to some of you who came to see your picture on the big screens. Thank you so much for your support. 

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What makes your world amazing?

Share your favourite picture with everyone and do something amazing for our planet.

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