UK climate campaign

All countries need to act on climate change and the UK is one of many countries starting to do so. 

But it needs to do better.  


About the UK Climate Change Act

Friends of the Earth led the campaign to get the Climate Change Act. It was supported by all parties: 463 MPs voted in favour and only 3 against.

This legislation is a world first and shows that our campaigning gets results.

It sets legally binding targets for the UK to cut its emissions by 80% by 2050, and a series of rolling five-year carbon “budgets” to meet this target.

It requires the Government to set out a plan to deliver on these budgets, guided by advice from the independent Committee on Climate Change

The Climate Change Act is also a major milestone in environmental policy because it sets an environmental limit within which the economy must operate.

 A better Climate Change Act

The Climate Change Act is a strong law, but we are pushing for two main improvements.

  1. Carbon budgets are too lax. Emissions need to fall by over 80% by 2030 for the UK to do its fair share in tackling global climate change.
  2. The Government’s plan to meet existing budgets is way off course. The Government needs to toughen climate policy across all sectors of the economy.