Environmental justice

Our free booklet explains environmental justice – and describes  what we’re doing to challenge it. Find out how you can help us work together for a fairer – and greener – future.

What is environmental justice?

Environmental justice means everyone has:

  • A right to healthy places to live, work and enjoy themselves.
  • A right to a fair share of nature’s benefits like food and water.
  • A responsibility to look after the planet for others and for future generations.

In doing this we not only ensure a better life for all of us – but help protect the environment too.

But to get environmental justice for everyone, society must change: we need a fairer world. This includes ordinary people having legal support and the political clout to influence decisions affecting the environment where they live. To achieve this, we have to get to grips with some big problems.

How we can help

Our campaigns have brought about important changes, such as a world leading climate change law. Learn about more ways we can tackle environmental injustice together, including:

  • Climate justice
    As part of the Friends of the Earth International network, we campaign to encourage rich countries to take the lead in addressing climate change.
  • Better UK planning laws
    We campaign to promote sustainable and low carbon solutions.
  • Empowering communities
    We provide resources and events to show people how laws and planning regulations can protect their community.
  • Sustainable public transport
    We campaign for greener transport solutions, which are affordable for everyone.

Our booklet also includes case studies where Friends of the Earth campaigns have been effective, including: action against oil pollution in Nigeria; soy farming in Paraguay; toxic waste in Bangladesh; uranium mining and radioactive waste dumping in Australia; and deforestation in Uganda. 

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