Healthy planet

A healthy planet is our life-support system. Not only does it give us food, but also clean air, a stable climate and fresh water. Yet the natural world we depend on is in crisis, its ability to sustain life is under threat. But we can change things for the better.

What's the problem?

Our planet is our life-support system providing us with all we need to survive. Yet human activity is wrecking it - which in turn affects its ability to support us. In our free booklet we explain why a healthy planet matters to our existence and what nature's systems do for us. 

Some of our actions have a direct impact on the planet including: 

  • Resource consumption
    Learn why our demand for raw materials is too high and how too many valuable resources are being wasted.
  • Food and farming 
    Read how farming practices - mechanisation, chemical pesticides and fertilisers, meat and dairy farming, GM crops, destruction of wildlife habitats - are destroying wildlife and habitats.
  • Loss of forests
    Discover how forest destruction contributes to climate change, soil erosion and biodiversity loss.

How can we help?

Urgent action is needed to protect the world we rely on. With your help, Friends of the Earth is campaigning to address the most urgent problems:

  • Stop climate change
  • Save our forests
  • Fix the food chain
  • Reform trade
  • Preserve resources

There's also plenty you can do as an individual. Read about simple actions that can have a big impact - including eating less meat, choosing locally-sourced food, buying less or choosing eco-friendly products, and encouraging wildlife in your garden.

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